The New Mom's Companion by Debra Gilbert Rosenberg, ISBN 1402200145, Sourcebooks 2003, 272 pages


The New Mom's Companion
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The New Mom's Companion by Debra Gilbert Rosenberg, ISBN 1402200145, Sourcebooks 2003, 272 pages What readers have said ...

The essential "Bible" for every new mom (excerpt)
A friend and I were looking for a gift for a first-time mother when we came upon The New Mom's Companion.  As a mother and a psychiatrist, I know first and second hand how much a woman's life drastically changes when she has her first baby.  This attractive book insightfully and sensitively touches on all of the many concerns I had when I first became a mother, from internal, identity issues to changes in my marriage and other relationships.  The Question and Answer format is easy to use and allows a harried mom to focus right in on the issues coming up for her at that moment.

- Louise from Glencoe, Illinois

A "must have" for New Moms
I am a first time mother and received this book when my son was three weeks old and it really helped my sanity.  With the new found awareness of postpartum psychosis this book is a must for all new moms.  When I brought my son home from the hospital I had such a swing of emotions (some to embarrassing to share) that I thought I made a big mistake having a child!  It was difficult adapting to this "little bundle of joy" let alone coming to grips with my new role as mother.  I mean wasn't this supposed to be the best thing?  Well, when I picked up The New Mom's Companion and read through the questions that pertained to me I felt not only relieved but confident that I didn't make the biggest mistake in my life.  What I liked most about this book was the format of question and answer it let's you browse the questions that pertain to you.  The great thing is that this book not only validates your feelings and let's you know they are normal but offers some great coping advice.  I can't thank these women enough for taking the time to put out such a great book for such a great cause our children and their hard working Mom's.

- Reader from Western Springs, Illinois