The New Mom's Companion by Debra Gilbert Rosenberg, ISBN 1402200145, Sourcebooks 2003, 272 pages


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An excerpt from The New Mom's Companion
by Debra Gilbert Rosenberg

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Practical Matters

How can I get showered every day with a baby on the house?

     It's a rare new mother who is able to get showered or bathed on a daily basis, especially before noon. But, ultimately, every new mother finds a way. You might need to develop an entirely new approach to personal hygiene, but you will eventually discover what works for you. Here are a few tried-and-true methods:


Get up when your husband does every morning (or before) and let him take care of the baby while you shower before he goes to work.


Shower during your baby's nap time.


Put your baby in her infant seat or bassinet, and place her on the bathroom floor near you. Then you can easily talk to her, hear her, and peek out at her through the curtains while you are soaping up.


Take a bath with your baby.


Shower at night, when your husband is home and in charge of the baby.


Invoke the "36 Hour Rule": You need to have a shower only every 36 hours.


Be pleasantly surprised when you get to shower after only 35 hours.


Shower faster.

     I promise you, you will become more efficient about this over time. You will learn your baby's habits so you instinctively know when your baby will stay content while you wash and rinse. You will get more sleep on a regular basis so you no longer value napping more than cleanliness. In the meantime, take heart in knowing that this may be the single most asked question by new mothers,