The New Mom's Companion by Debra Gilbert Rosenberg, ISBN 1402200145, Sourcebooks 2003, 272 pages


The New Mom's Companion

Motherhood Without Guilt

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The Motherhood Without Guilt by Debra Gilbert Rosenberg, ISBN 1402202288, Sourcebooks 2004, 281 pages Read a sampling of Questions and Answers

How Mothers Feel

Is it awful of me that I was disappointed in the sex of my child?

Motherhood and Marriage

My husband misses how I used to care for him. I feel guilty that he is neglected, but what can I do when I feel too "nurtured out" myself?

Motherhood and Family

My kids have three sets of grandparents: my mother and her husband, my father and his wife, and my in-laws, and they all seem to be competitive about who is the best grandparent. How can I get them to behave themselves?

Motherhood and Friendship

I focus so much energy on my work and family, I've allowed my relationships to slide. How can I avoid feeling totally friendless and still be an attentive wife and mother?